A race report, a HAWL, and WIP post

Last night I kinda struck it good at a local meeting. First I found a sleeper Matchbx for down hill racing a 2000 #49 Crown Victora police

It made a nice clean sweep during the races never not in the lead. The metal base really helps this girl roll! (Results may not be the same for all tracks and what it is up against)


The HAWL from the show

The Crown Vic’s performance won me the Tom Kelly VW bus, the Jada Mustang, Johnny Lightning 1968 Pontaic GTO, redline gasser, M2 target mustang, 1956 blue merc truck, and black 1970 mustang where all raffle wins. The Sugar Caddy and Greenlight Malibu greenmachine set where bought at very good prices.

And the WIP


Making a 1957 Chevy 2 door Delivery. So far removed the back door posts and sanded off the door handles. Next will be filling in the door lines (hopefully saving the fin details) and filling in the side windows. Also might ditch the straight 6 for a V8 from another car.

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