I have been collecting toy cars since forever, and like many of you, I have a reputation among family and friends, that if they see something car toy related, they always think of me. Most of the time this means tagging me in every viral Hot Wheels jump video that comes across their Facebook feeds, but last week I got an interesting PM out of the blue from a childhood acquaintance.

The guy is now an assistant Pastor at a local church, and was messaging me because of a death of one of his congregation. The man had been a diecast collector for some time and amassed a decent sized collection — which his family had no idea what to do with; so naturally he reached out.

Interested, I told him to pass my name along to the family and that if I wasn’t interested, I may know some people who were. After a few phone calls back and forth, I headed north for about an hour and reached their family house.

The front room was filled with nearly every scale car imaginable, plus a several hundred piece HO train lot. The collector’s three daughters and I talked for a while and I looked over his kingdom of cars. I saw a lot of stuff I already had, and not collecting bigger scales I wasn’t really interested, but told the family I would check with some fellow collectors in the area and see what we could do — someone would be interested and could help ease the burden!

So after checking with a few pals and the local train shop, I hooked the ladies up with a few phone numbers and contacts and thought my good deed for the day was done. It turns out they were having trouble unloading the stuff and only had a few days to do so since most of the family lived out of state. The messaged me later that night and said, “make offer” — so I called a friend and we went back up to the house the next day. After two hours of peeking through the collection we made an offer, and they accepted! Honestly, we weren’t really prepared to buy a lot that sized, but were happy to help and get some new toys!


We spend the next three hours loading, transporting, splitting, and re loading the collection - and I ended up with a ton of stuff, including about 20 1/18th scale cars.

Now as my name suggest, I am more in 1/64th scale - just always have been. So I started getting some of the loose 1/18s out to photograph for eBay.....and then was like, why wouldn’t I share them with LaLD peeps too?!

These are just the first few I grabbed and photographed, but there are many more — and they are alllllllll for sale. If you see something you like, let me know! I will give you the LaLD discount haha!


I also got some amazing looking Franklin and Danbury Mint cars out fo the deal, but have yet to photograph them — but soon!



The next few are 1/24 and smaller scale, but I thought they were pretty cool!



More to come!


Ebay link included: