Hot Wheels is pretty famous for making outlandish fantasy vehicles (although, I’ve recently discovered that some aren’t entirely fantasy). Occasionally, however, Hot Wheels creates a vehicle that could pose for a production model. Muscle Tone is one such vehicle.

According to Hot Wheels, Muscle Tone combines aspects of a traditional muscle car with aspects of a tuner car. It makes for an interesting design.

I was pretty fond of the orange version as a kid, which you can probably tell. Both it and the black version fit in quite nicely with my more “realistic” cars. They stood out, but like a Camaro would stand out in a group of Malibus.


In many ways, it reminds me of what a slimmed down, sleeker 5th generation Camaro could have looked like. A little bit of tweaking the wheel arches and wheel size, and it would be perfect.


The tampo package is also pretty tasteful by Hot Wheels standards.

Although they aren’t painted, the taillights are very nice on this car, too.


Let’s see some more realistic fantasy cars.