It looks nice... and although the detailing is spot on, and the big rear wheels seems less noticeable... I cant help the feeling that something in this cast is a bit off...

After taking it out of the card... I finally noticed just how bad HW sorta blew it in making this cast. First off, the proportions are wrong, it looks like a tooned car! The body should be thinner, longer, and it looks like its not that much different from the ‘tooned’ version of this in the lineup right now. Secondly, both the front and rear wheels are pushed inside of the body, why couldnt they make the axles a little longer? And third, the wheel wells are too big, this must the biggest wheel wells ever on a diecast. HW is famous for having bigger wheels than most.. but I think its a bit too much on this one.

I wonder why, having all the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the previous casts, did mattel did not do anything to fix this? But overall, from afar, it kinda works. It looks about right, so if you’re not too nitpicky about proportions or things that seem too big or small... then this will definitely do. In fact, from the series, according to TRU... this is the one that’s getting hard to find atm. :)


This cast is from the Lamborghini series of Hotwheels. :)


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