Finally got myself a Lykan Hypersport by Jada. Its bigger than most 1/64's, probably around the same size as most Siku’s? But thats about the only turnoff for me, overall, I think its a good and detailed cast. It has rubber wheels, which surprisingly rolls nicely (for a Jada)... detailed grills at the front and back, and complete tampos. The interior is plain black but its held together by screws and not rivets - so it should be easy to take apart and customize. :)

(Youtube video below):


There’s no ride height problems, no big rear wheels syndrome... and there’s real louvers at the back, its not just plastic with stripes (like some HW casts). The cast is more and less accurate, right down to the curves and indents on the door, only thing lacking are the side mirrors... but thats forgivable. :)


Thanks for viewing