A roundup of all the awesome Reviews on Live And Let Die-cast.

Hello everyone! Wowzers, you dudes again were just rocking it on the reviews!!!! First off though, i'd like to say hello to all our new authors. You peeps have some interesting die-casts and at such an awesome verity. On Tuesdays, I host the best of the Reviews. Reviews here are usually freestyle. Though, our buddy Aya did create our Concours d'Modella style review that many of us have tried. It is composed of a real world description of the vehicle, a brief intro of the die-cast variant, 5 different scoring subjects, and a the question, "Should you get it?" There will be a couple examples below. Also included in the Best of Reviews is the newer feature on LALD called BATTLE where you compare 2 of the same car but made by different brands. As for this weeks reviews, they feature all sorts of cars from different makes. Awesome variety made possible by you awesome peeps. Without further delay, let's get started!!!!

Recently, I came across a Majorette 288 GTO that my father in law gave me. It was in pretty rough shape, nothing near perfect like our buddy fintail and the oh so awesome BMW 735 (e23). This cool little French die-cast does those early boxy Bimmers justice. It also features working suspension. Oh, and that color is super rad. To read this cool review, click on the link below.

Next up, Carnage717 reviews THE car of the 80's, the Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine!!! I mean come on dude, how AWESOME is the DeLorean Time Machine? If you said a lot or chingos, you are correct! This model is a 1:24 purchased from what I have determined to be 1:24 HQ, Hobby Lobby. Again, at a bargain price! Very well detailed but the thing that just blew me out of the water is that it comes with the hook from the first movie to catch the cable that gets struck by lightning. To check out the epicness, click on the link below.


Representing the first set of 1:18's, recent LaLD author Brickman does an incredible job reviewing a set or 1:18 trucks. First, a freaking sweeet late 90's early 2000's Ford F-150 single cab short bed done up in camo paint scheme. The Texan in me was seriously jumping around firing his guns upon reading this awesome reviews. It is seriously one of my favorite die-cast i've seen here on LaLD. Incredible! Oh but it gets better as Brickman then reviews the workhorse of America, the Ford Super Duty F-250 of that same year range. This one hits home because my dad owns a 2000 F-250. He purchased it in 2000 and currently (without ANY major engine work besides accessories and wear items) his F-250 with the mighty 7.3L is running as good as new still even with 500+K miles on the ticker. Another awesome review by Brickman as well. To see these awesome die-casts, click on the link below. Note that there is a little arrow on the right to scroll to the next review in this link.


Next up, BlazinAce, the King, reviews a very BlazinAce type of die-cast, the Chevrolet Opala from Brasil's own, Automodelli in keeping with that great One Car Collection concept. They are not too expensive for what you are getting also, i think I could call this a bargain. The one in silver is just killer. Though the pictures are not there, it is a good review done souly on the appreciation of the model. To see this rad review, click on the link below. I also suggest we all take another look at the One Car Collection concept.

Next up, a little something different from our buddy otaconmutasm. No awesome spot light photography of small cars. Nope, this time we are outside in probably the most realistic set of pictures ever to be shown on LaLD. The car reviewed is a 1:18 Ferrari FF in black by Hot Wheels Elite. Extreme amounts of jelly right here ya'll. Such an awesome model that I must own NOOOOW. Another awesome review! To check it out, click on the link below.


This week, our buddy ZTP reviews a vehicle that I also purchased recently, the infamous Toyota Prius (Pre-us in the US, Pry-us in the UK). An awesome car but you what... to be honest ... i like my Matchbox version a bit more. Maybe I can send it to my buddy ZTP for an epic LaLD Prius BATTLE (explosion sounds!!!!) Awesome review, to check it out, click the link below ya hippies lol :]


Do you hear that? no... listen closely..shhh listen...


And speaking of BATTELS, our next review is from our other 1:18 guru RafelX and a gorgeous set of C3 Chevrolet Corvettes. What a perfect post to not only show people about the aspect of LaLD BATTLES but also to Concours d' Modella. Both models on their own are awesome, though.... once you compare them do you start to see how some brands pay attention to specific items that others do not. BATTLES really gets in to the tight corners that most reviews do not. Each detail is like a jab or a good right hook. To see the awesome review and choose a winner, click on the link below


Juuuust making the cut, LaLD's Concours reporter Sn210 does a thorough review on the legendary Ferrari F40 by Hot Wheels. But there is a problem. The F40 is on a lot of people's BEST car ever list. We here on LaLD are honest are very critical with our judgement. Not only for a high end car but a damn legend, this review details out expectations. I'll just say, this does NOT meet them. To read the review yourself, click the link below


The disappointment does not end there. A personal hero car also gets a very bad score. This review is from me and my 1968 Nova SS from ERTL. Where do I even begin with the large amount of wrong here. It also sucks because it was my first 1:18 muscle car. I really like it but damn it is just not too good. To see the wrongnisity? yes, that is a new word, click on the link below.

I apologize for the late post but work is beyond crazy!!!!