Big things with little cars

Hello everybody, tonight I have another one of my favourite cars: the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe. I won’t bore you too much with the history of the real car, but there were six original cars and they had a short but successful racing career before Ford decided to switch their focus to the GT40. This Hot Wheels version wears a pretty nice white racing deco. While this deco never appeared on any real car, it’s still pretty realistic. White wouldn’t be my first choice for this car, but I think it wears it well.


Since I first saw one, the Daytona Coupe has been my dream car (a replica will be mine! one day. . . ). I’m glad Hot Wheels made this casting, but I have to point out that something about the proportions just seem off to me. Maybe the rear wheel is too big, or the roof sits too high. The real car already has HW-like proportions, so it seems almost cartoonishly exagerated. That gripe aside, I think it’s a great casting. It’s surprisingly detailed, from the various vents and latches on the body to the rivets on the rear window. I don’t remember which series this one is from (I want to say HW Garage), but I think it’s the most detailed model to date. Lights front and rear, various details, and of course that full racing deco.

Thanks for reading!

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