This story is about my hw Porsche 917, and how I screw it almost completely.

I bought a Porsche 917 a couple months before. I was very glad, because here, I’ve never found any piece of it before. Or, if I have, it had a horrifyingly high price. But this shabby Porsche was cheap, and I needed it. “I will restore it”, I said. And I did.

I removed the paint, and I started to make the primering, when - because it’s really tiny, and hard to keep in hand while you paint it - I DROPPED IT! Oh, the horror! Really, I was so furious about it, that my girlfriend couldn’t talk to me for ours. I just sat on the floor, swearing, or looking at the floor. After a while, I asked some help in a hungarian custom forum, and the answer came shortly: heating and hammering.

The back half bowed due to the incident

So, I got my lighter and a small hammer, and started to hit the metal, as gently as possible (I don’t know is the “heating” with the lighter helps anything or not, I think not really).

After the surgery. The back half is parallel again.


But then, after I make it straight again, the rest of the restoring was quite uneventfull. See the result below.