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A silver Hakosuka

One of the nicest casts to ever come out of Tomica, and probably one of the hardest to find too, I finally got the Nissan 2000GT-R ‘Hakosuka’ Skyline. And not from the mainline..,but an ‘Event Model’ too. From what I hear, these are sold only on product launches, toy conventions, and promo events... making these particular group of casts, very very hard to find. Unless, of course, you’re fond of going to such events. So finding these is similar to finding that proverbial needle in a haystack. :D :D But as luck would have it... a ‘friend’ was able to find one for me, so here it is. :D


Uncharacteristic of most Tomy’s... this has the big rear wheel syndrome of most HW casts. I think they did it to prevent the front wheel from rubbing into the wheel well? Anyway, the wheel size difference is so small, one has to stare to notice it. Anyway, aside from that... I dont really see anything to complain about. The cast is well made, has suspension, and front / rear tampos. That letter “S” in the rear pillars is a nice touch. But that word “Skyline” that’s embossed on the sides, is just outstanding! Usually, on cars of this scale, the word “skyline” is done by a sticker or a tampo... but on this one, you can feel the name jutting out of the paint. Nice move Tomy!


Not sure about other brands... but for me, this is the first 1/64th scale model of the Hakosuka that I’ve seen, that has opening doors.

Prisma rendering
Prisma Rendering

Just how great was the GTR? Watch below. :)

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