The one and only perk to working in a repair shop (seriously, it’s not glorious folks, it downright sucks your soul) is the opportunity to drive a variety of machinery. Combine this with a love for die-cast and you have many photographic opportunities.

When this import market (federalized for California) 1989 Porsche Carrera showed up at the shop a lightime bulb went off. I knew I had an identical Welly sitting on my shelf at home, it just needed a wheel detail to match it’s 1:1 counterpart. So some markers and a test drive later I snapped a few pictures. Curiously about half of my shots are missing, my phone is on its way out I suspect.

I apologize for the shade pictures, I know it’s a photographic sin but all of my direct sunlight pictures were beyond washed out, I typically only shoot here at dusk and not noon. Enjoy!