The BMW 1M from Matchbox’s Best Of series has been featured a few times here already, but this one is now slightly different.

Yes, the tires are now flipped inside out.

The regular cars in the Best Of series were noted to have unsuitably deep treads for road vehicles. Instead of doing a wheel swap, I decided to invert the tires to see how it would look.

It turned out pretty well, though the inside of the tires have two ridges on the side to better fit on the wheel, which has a raised ridge in the middle. Luckily, this isn’t apparent unless viewed from underneath.


Personally, I would’ve wished that Matchbox could just tool up one set of new tires for the upcoming 2017 Best Of series instead of using Real Riders from Hot Wheels, along with a new 2-piece wheel more suitable for classics like the Miura.