Big things with little cars

A strange bird indeed

I bit off a fairly big bite with this one but I am really excited to have this Superbird in my collection! I am really digging most of the Johnny Lightning anniversary year releases.

I love the hunt for unique pieces and this piece is one of the coolest things I have ever added to my collection. Except for the 50th Anniversary release announcements by Johnny Lightning a while back, I have not seen the Racer’s Edge wheel variations discussed much.


For those that collect JL, you may know that as part of the 50th Anniversary Classic Gold series, a portion of the cars were made with hard Racer’s Edge wheels. Real riders are common the commons in this series. Weird huh? The rims are also different on the Racer’s Edge variations.

Assuming I am doing my math correct based on JL’s numbers, a mere 14 cars were made in this variation. To top this off, this little birdie was slapped onto a Muscle Car series Camaro SS card so it may be safe to say this is a 1 of kind piece!

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