I decided to free my error Super-duper-bird. Turns out it’s better out of the box!

LaLD helped , and the consensus was that it came with a bonus quality control sticker that ironically made it to the shelf.

What it’s supposed to look like. That Spectraflame paint looks good and almost gives it a weathered look on this model. That’s what it’s supposed to look like.


I couldn’t find anything wrong after getting all of the sticky off. One kind of disappointing thing is that the front wheels are too wide and rub the fenders. I wasn’t planning on running this on the track, but it can’t roll at all on it’s own. Overall these wheels look much better than the mainline and the fit in the rear looks great.


I’m getting a little collection of ‘70 Superbirds. I don’t understand why the HW’s sit so high, especially compared to my low-riding RC version, but they all look great!