Big things with little cars

A swapped Honda

The Honda NSX cast by HW is great. It has no ride height issues, the glass is tinted black, has nice tampos, and a metal spoiler at the back too. About the only gripe I have is that it has that ‘big rear wheel syndrome’ that most HW cars have. So I thought... all it needed was a wheel swap, maybe with something with rubber or if not that - at least something that’s a little smaller.


So my nephew and I went digging into his ‘box of cars’ ... it was there that we found an old Speed Machines Mustang. I wasn’t exactly sure if the wheels on that will fit the wheelbase... but looking at it from the sides, it seemed to fit the wheel wells nicely. Its not really rubber tires... but it is a little smaller so it might be an improvement on the way it looked. So I took a drill and went for it.

After it was finished... it left a little gap at the top of the rear wheel wells. I guess the original ones were really that big! But from a perspective point of view - its not that noticeable.


Thanks for checking it out..


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