Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

I hit 2 walmarts tonight, one on my way to my workout session, one on the way home from same.
The first one had this bin of death. I emptied it into the cart you see, right down to the cardboard floor. I found one Outlaw! WooHoo!

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When I was putting all the cars back, a couple fell behind the receptacle, and naturally, being an upstanding collector type, I moved the thing to get them. Aha! I found a hiding spot. Someone had put all the Truck Series white Datsuns on their private layaway plan. If you look at the lower corner of that Everyday Low Price sign, you’ll see where I left them, in plain sight for all to share.
If someone had hid one or two, I would have left them, but all of them?
Nope, Nope, Nope, not gonna do it!
I hit the second wally world on my way home, and half the employees were moving pallets from the warehouse portion of the store, out onto the floor. I found a pallet of toys in the aisle near the diecast and noticed a fresh case of Hot Wheels. Well, it was an A case, so not really fresh, but unopened. I picked it up, no one said anything, they just kept on moving the pallets up and down the aisle. So, what’s a poor boy to do? I opened it of course! I have NEVER found an unopened case in a walmart store before, and may never find one again, so I wasn’t letting an opportunity go to waste. All the typical cars you’d expect in an A case, including the Nissan 180 SX’s I mentioned earlier. And....a Treasure Hunt. regular, not super, but I found in a case I had opened myself. It was like a kmart Collector’s day. It was a Rig Storm, so no big deal.
I had already gone through the bin at this store, no more Outlaws to be found, so I paid for my single HWs and left.
A TRU happens to be located between the second walmart and my hamlet, so, of course I stopped. I found 4 GL VWs, but they were the older Motor World series, the smaller Greenlights. I’m not as enamored of these as I am with the true 1:64th scale ones, so I just picked up one blue Beetle. I left behind a green Bug, a 2 tone blue Samba and a weirdly colored panel van, beige, tan, and a sort of copper colored stripe part way down the side, like an afterthought.
I spoke with an employee 180 degrees different from the one 90sCasualty had to deal with, he was very helpful, and took the time to listen to me and chat a bit. Nice guy.
I’ll have photos tomorrow of the GL Bug, the TH which will be up for HWEP, and the parts, I haven’t forgotten I owe everyone pictures of the old diecast parts I *discovered* in the basement. I’m just too beat to do it tonight. If I hadn’t taken that bin photo while I was out, this whole monologue would have waited til tomorrow too.
A lot of words for one Outlaw and an older, regular TH...but it was fun.
(Oh, and as I said in another comment, I can go back and get some of those Nissans if enough people want them.)

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