Big things with little cars

A turning car

With great diecast, comes great responsibilty. This Ford GT belongs in a race track, so I made her (or him, idk) one. A little one. Special for this pic.

I saw so many great pictures here on LaLD or in Instagram everyday, but not that many people share behind the scenes of it. My pictures are nothing compared to them, but I’ll try sharing one here.


Sooo, here is bts for this pic:

Yes, it’s very simple.

I made that red-and-white-thingy-on-every-race-track-turn (wait, what’s the name of that) with piece of paper and marker. It’s very simple, but don’t forget to put double tape on back so it will stick on concrete.


I made that red-and-white-thing (man, I wish I knew the name) only for this pic, that’s why I only made it tiny. Cause, you know, if it’s not in the frame, why make it big.

You can use sand or soil or maybe synthetic grass beside that red-and-white-thing. (I honestly don’t know the name, help me plz) I personally use an used tea powder for that. (Yes, sounds weird, but it worked tho, so why not, right)


I guess that’s it for now, I think I’ll post more behind the scenes if people like it here.

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