Big things with little cars

Weird day. I’ve been eyeballing this MBX fiver for a while, and finally decided to pull the trigger (the Miura and the VW W12 are my favorites); two of the Road Trippin’ Toyotas; a random-a$$ Porsche 917; and the Heritage Redline Camaro.


My first stop was Walmart, where the new Redlines had just been stocked. Guess which one was nowhere to be found? Anyway, after finding the SVO Mustang and the Bone Shaker yesterday, the only one I really wanted was the Camaro. Snagged it, the MBX, and the two Toyotas, and went on my way.

I decided to hit up another Wally World on the way home, and that’s where the weirdness was.

This is what they had. Almost no mainlines to speak of, and a million camos and Bond cars. No dump bin in the vicinity, either. I decided to move on. As I turned to look at the M2s...


Uh whaaaa...?


*Snatch* I haven’t seen a single one of these Porsche Series cars in my area, for whatever reason. When I finally do find one, it’s sitting by itself, nowhere near a peg. I searched hard, there were no others to be found. Who knows how these things happen.

Anyway, that leads me to the trade-bit. I am pretty sure I am not going to find the Redline Kenmeri, just like I never found the Redline Hako. I was, however, lucky enough to find two Real Riders Silverados a while back. As cool as these are, I am not a truck guy, so these were as good as traded the moment I bought them. The time is now!


Willing to trade the Toyota, as well. All of the cards are mint (if that’s your thing); one of the Silverados has a creased blister. I am looking for the aforementioned Redline Skylines; the Flying Customs Porsche 935 and Kenmeri; and really anything classic JDM. I have a lot more that I am willing to trade, mostly mid-to late ‘90’s and early 2000’s mainlines. Trying to get all of that catalogued now, but I have pics if anybody is interested.


Full disclosure, I have not taken part in the HWEP before, but I am excited to learn. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. Happy hunting!

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