This is another behind the scene post, because, well it’s pretty fun.

I’ve always wanted to take this kind of pic since a long time, and I finally do it, so I’m sharing it here. I’m using Datsun 620 as model, and here is bts for this pic:

First, I made that wood block with matches. I cut the head part and throw it away. It would be perfect if you tie it with something so it would look like real wood-carrying-car, but I’m just too lazy, maybe I’ll do it next time.

I used a container and fill it with soil, then I put some Marraya as tree so it would look real like a forest. Leaves are too big, what kind of forest is that. Let’s just say it looks real. I used Marraya because it’s easy to find here, you can use another plant, the smaller the better.


That’s it for now, see you again next time!