One Christmas in the Mid 90's, I received a parking garage play set. It came with an abundant amount of cars. Now even though the set itself is a blurry memory. One always stood out to me. My love for this Yat Ming Chevy Lumina. Growing up as a product of the 90's environment, I was always obsessed with the everyday cars of the road. Yeah, I liked super cars like everyone. But these were an obtainable dream. Even before I knew what that even meant. I always had a soft spot for the Chevy Lumina. My Grandfather had one. My Favorite Nascar drivers drove them. In my young head, they were something special. Long before I knew what collecting was. Or taking care of anything for that matter. I always sheltered this casting. I knew it was something I probably would never find again. And in a way... I was right. No manufacturer ever made a Lumina casting. Yeah, Hot Wheels made the Lumina Van casting. But that’s just not the same. This was a street version. I had an insane amount of Lumina Nascar Castings (and still do). But this was as close to the street car, that I ever came across. Yes, the front end is modified to look like a street version of its stock car brethren. But the little details here and there, show its the real deal.

The door handles on the pillars, and the connected tail lights are reminiscent of the street version.

though it looks like it has paint scuffs. I will say it was like that when I got it. It is completely smoothed over in those spots. Like a clear coat or something. It had to be something caused from its assembly.


The Tampos are reminiscent of Darrell Waltrip’s iconic Mountain Dew scheme. And to me that was so awesome. Darrell was my favorite driver, and always will be.


This casting was built surprisingly well. I actually think it rolls smoother than most castings of today. It truly is kinda surprising to me.

This car was a precursor to what was to come of me being a collector. I wanted to take care of it. And 20 years later.... it’s still pretty much in the condition when I got it. And I am very thankful I still have it. I wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. And thank you all for the view!