Life has been crazy, but I've found some cool cars. I found the 3 pack with the V8 Supercars for Falcon, Mercury Cyclone CJ, and a fantasy car with a turbocharged I6 engine.

The speed slayer should be insanely fast on a HW track with its low rolling resistance skinny wheels.

I got the Howlin' Heat and Tomb up to go with my Mummy Mayhem trailer. I got the Mummy and The Werewolf. Hopefully they release a Dracula and Frankenstien's Monster cars, so I can complete the set.


For what is still on the card. A Mini to go into the Mini collection. (My wife's favorite car.) A MXR I like it in red. And a cool 1950 Mercury, my only 1/64 Maisto All Star. (This one is going on my work wall.)

Finally, I bought this International Workstar Brush Fire Truck for HWEP.