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About Me: zeontestpilot

Hey guys, I can’t remember if I ever made a intro post, at least I don’t think I did. Oh well. So let me introduce myself, I’m zeontestpilot, aka ztp. [diorama under construction, so old pic].

I’m a 28 yr old (that’s what my driver license says at least) husband and father of one. I’m in the USA, specifically in Michigan. Growing up, I’ve always been a fan of miniatures. In fact, my great grandpa had a HO gauge train setup in his basement, and as a kid that is always the coolest.


I got into diecasting by a total fluke. While going through some difficult times in my life, and really bored with no job, I saw two M2 ‘70 Mustangs for sale. This inspired me to create a diorama modeling a hidden garage on my in-laws property, one which actually holds two ‘67 fastback mustangs. Unfortunately the idea never left my head. Still interested in miniatures, I started collecting cool looking 1:64th cars for a hobby. This all happened about two years ago.

Eventually I was re-inspired to make the diorama, and I had many ideas but was never sure how to implement them. The diorama that I’m currently making, is the latest iteration, and is slowly making its way toward completion.

My favorite cars to collect are true scale 1:64 cars, but I’m not against branching out if the price is good enough. My favorite brands, in order, are JL (which unfortunately aren’t all true scale, but I enjoy the hunt), AW, and GL.

I’ve been with LALD since the early version of the site, which was called HWEP. I remember seeing El_Uly’s post on oppo, inviting people over, :). I frankly have no idea how popular I am on lald (not even sure how to gauge that), but I do know that I’m known/appreciated for my post series. I’ve had a couple on lald; Dirty Dozen, the Polls, Missus Matchup, and the current one, LPaG (Let’s Play a Game).


Here’s a fun fact, I started doing Dirty Dozen posts because I felt there wasn’t enough ongoing activity on lald, and I was really bored and wanted someone to chat with during the workday. So I gave everyone a reason to communicate with me, I showed them my old cars, :).

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this, the origins of my screen name. I’m only sharing this because it’s not just a nickname I gave myself, but has evolved to become an extension of who I am. As you can probably guess, it’s actually three words; zeon, test, and pilot. The zeon portion is from the Principality of Zeon, which is from one of my favorite anime series, Gundam. So what about the test pilot part? Well, back when I was 18, when AIM was popular (ask your parents kids), I needed a cool screen name that was 13 characters long. Since I absolutely refused to put any numbers in mine, and while brainstorming for something cool with the word ‘zeon’ in it, I happily discovered ‘zeontestpilot’ neatly filled the character requirement. Although I don’t use AIM anymore, I’ve kept the nickname for 10 years now. Whenever I make a username, I tend to use either zeontestpilot or ztp (if there is a character restriction).


So thats who I am at a glance. Anything else you’d like to know? :)

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