Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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About the DLM and other parties

I can personally attest to the DLM (Diecast Liberation Movement), as they are a great political party to align with. They believe all diecast cars should be freed from their plastic and/or cardboard prisons. But what about the other parties?

The DFF (Diecast Freedom Fighters) believe that every car has a choice if it wants to be freed from its "comfy" packaging. They state "it's a personal choice and no one should make it for them".


On the other hand, the EDE (Equality of Diecast For Everyone), is a very misleading title. They state that no diecast car should ever be unreleased from its packaging. There motives are sound, but their tactics are not. They tend to picket diecast nurseries (aka factories) and conventions throwing plastic cars at them. They are not a popular party, plus they are jerks.

The last party is an even more unusual one, the RDC (Republic of Diecast Cars) is led by one man, Adam Jurk, aka, A. Jurk, who believes all diecast cars belong to him and no one else. His party mainly consists of him and his wife.

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