2006 Represents a high point in NASCAR in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still a huge fan. I think the sport is going in the right direction (slowly). But, man, 2006 was a good time!

I say this because I’ve always been a fan of the underdogs. Around that time, it wasn’t as hard for smaller teams to land really great sponsors and compete for surprise wins. MB2 motorsports had U.S. Army on the car and Nemechek at the wheel. They had some really awesome races, pole positions and a win as well! I scored this basic-scheme car recently and it’s one of my all time favorites. I love the simple black with white and yellow highlights. It just looks mean and awesome.

My NASCAR display is pretty loaded here at home. So, this one is going to come with me to work and sit on my desk. Which is appropriate since I do a lot of work with the US Army, Navy, VA, etc. I’m going to enjoy admiring this car while slaving away at my computer every day. haha!



Thanks for looking! GO RYAN BLANEY!!!!11!! He’s in the championship 8! I hope he gets some more strong finishes to make the final cut for the Miami race!

Thanks for looking,