Panel Line Accent is one of the best of Tamiya’s numerous products. Otherwise unachievable depth can be added with 15 minutes and a steady hand. 

Tamiya introduced Panel Line Accent about 2 years ago, and it’s made the once laborious task of adding panel line depth on plastic models a much easier task. Panel Line Accent is essentially a wash, but with some sort of molecular structure that makes it run through crevices with ease. It comes in several colors, including black, brown, and grey. For this (and almost every) project, I’m using black.

To apply, screw the cap off and run a the attached brush on the edge of the bottle a bit. Panel Line Accent runs with ease, so it only takes a small amount. Press the end of the brush into the panel line and let it sit for a second. Capillary action will get the accent to run along and fill the panel line. Try not to use the brush as if you’re painting because it can get messy.


After a minute, clear any excess with a damp cotton bud or paper towel. Take caution because the runny nature of the accent means you can accidentally wipe the entire wash away.

While it’s intended for panel lines, Panel Line Accent is great for wheels. Dab some into the crevices to give these bare metal wheels some much-needed depth.


Here’s the finished product. Like everything in our hobby, subtle things like this can make all the difference.