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Adding some more mainline cars

Tonight I decided to do some die cast hunting. Went to TRU, Walmart, Walgreen and Target to check on new stuff and trying to see if I can spot the HW Red Ford Escort. Here’s what I bagged.

I found the Greenlight Bronco at TRU, the 2 HWs at Walgreen (on sale for $2.00 for 2) and the Matchbox Land Cruiser at Walmart. I didn’t find anything at 2 of our Targets. Strange is that the HWs I showed on my previous post were mostly purchase from Target. Guess they have not restock after I emptied all of their nice selections. :(


Ok I was expecting to get an equal amount of HWs and Matchboxes but so far have only found 2 of my favorite casting, the Willys and Land Cruiser. Have not found the Dodge pickup so far. Now here is where I was slightly disappointed with Matchbox. The land cruiser use to have all metal on the body and plastic on the bumper and chassis. Here as you can see the front is now part of the plastic chassis. I don’t know if I like the look of a different colored front from the rest of the body.

And no detail paint on the front unlike the first releases. Also last week I saw a IH armor truck which has plastic body and metal chassis. Is Mattel trying to cheapen the look of Matchbox? I hope not.

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