Lots to cover in this post. Let’s get to it!

I found a box in my mailbox this afternoon. There was no return address shown, just “LaLD Secret Super” written on the box. I did happen to recognize the town shown on the postage stamp though...and if I didn’t already know who lived there, the contents of the box would certainly give them away!

How exciting! The festive wrapping would take some work to yield the contents...

The big package was full of Siku Volkswagens, a 2001 series Riley & Scott MkIII, and a 1995 series Mercedes Benz 500SL! AWESOME! I’m stupidly excited by these Sikus, not only because I love the models themselves...but also because they’re my first Sikus!


The smaller package yielded...

a larger-scale Volkswagen Beetle! I’m unsure of the manufacturer, but I’m sure someone knows that just looking at it.


I’m not sure those jewels in the headlights are OEM...


Here’s a size comparison between the Siku 1/64 and the larger Beetle.

This looks like the work of none other than vdubyajohn! THANKS SO MUCH! I actually should feel bad, as I’ve had the privilege of having him as my $ecret $uper for 2 years out of the 3 we’ve been doing this...BUT I DON’T! VDUBYAJOHN IS THE COOLEST!

On to the Advent Calendar.


For day 15, we have...

...the 2009 Modified Rides Sooo Fast!


I guess I found 2 of these on that infamous day at Walmart.

I think the pizza cutter drag wheels on the front are a better fit than the other Wastelanders model’s wheels. And who can say no to the Mooneyes livery?


The 2 Sooo Fasts from this year’s calendar together. What an awesome little car.


My sweet hawl from today in all it’s glory! Well...plus the Wastelanders car. Today was a good day!

Once again, a huge thanks to vdubyajohn for the sweet older Hot Wheels, Sikus and mystery (for a little while) Beetle!

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned!

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