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Advent 2016, Day 22

The Day 22 update is a bit late. I took the pictures last night, but it was a long day and I ended up in bed quite early. Today is a short work day for me, so I’ll be able to get Day 23 up on time. For Day 22, we have...


...the 2009 Heat Fleet series ‘68 Chevy El Camino!

Most of these I’ve seen have the engine in the bed. I like this one much better. Also, the tonneau cover is a nice feature.


As we know, El Caminos were based on the A-Body Chevelle platform from ‘64-’77. In that time, my absolute favorite Chevelles were the ‘68 & ‘ this one was always going to be the best-looking El Camino by default to me.

Thanks for checking in, and stay tuned!

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