I had every intention to get Day 4 up yesterday, but unforseen circumstances played against me. Still, I’m ready to go today!

Day 4:

The 2009 Muscle Mania series ‘70 Plymouth Road Runner!

The logos are really nicely done.


Please excuse the tablecloth in the back...I really need to set up a proper photo booth for these.

Day 5:


The 2012 New Models series ‘73 Pontiac Firebird!

2012 was about when I picked up collecting again. Because of that Screamin’ Chicken, I desperately wanted to find one of these. The creator of this calendar tracked the blue version down that year for me on the electronic bay, but I’d never seen the green one until I found this one among the older cars that had been returned to Walmart.


What a sweet color...

Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for more!

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