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Advent 2017, Day 12

We’re at the halfway point! Welcome to day 12.

For today, we have...


...the 2001 series 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach!

Yep. I like it. I like it just fine...


I kinda miss the great big wing on the back, though. Growing up in the 80's, I had multiple Countach posters on my wall, like all the other guys my age. To me, the wing just belongs. Not that I don’t see how the lines are improved without the wing...just that I miss it. The metallic blue is awful improvement on all the red and white paint jobs that seemed so prevalent back then.


As promised, the halfway roundup pic! Sorry, I took it in a bit of a rush...hence the cropped Fat Fendered ‘40 and XJ220. So far, I think my favorites are the Shoe Box and the Chevy Stocker.

Thanks for checking in! Stop by tomorrow for more.

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