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Advent 2017, Day 13

We’re on the downhill run now. Welcome to day 13!

For today, we have...


...the 2001 Anime series Ford GT-90!

I don’t know enough about anime to know this character. I do know, that I like the GT-90 though.


I like the fact that they attempted to detail the exhaust. It was later replicated in several other supercars, but I really think the GT-90 concept pioneered the high, centered exhaust. It was one of the design elements I remembered best.

I still remember reading about it in C&D while waiting for a doctor’s appointment in high school, thinking how cool it would be to have a modern interpretation of a GT40. I thought, “Ford will never make something like this.” It’s nice to know the two generations of the GT proved me wrong.


Thanks for checking in! Stop by tomorrow for more.

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