To paraphrase Wooderson (caution, language), I hope you got your wood screws, cuz I’mma blow your doors completely off! Welcome to Day 21!

edit: Caution. Many exclamation points to follow.

For day 21, we have...

...the 2000 Secret Code series Fiat 500C!


I’ve said it before...I’m not a huge drag racing fan, but I love dragsters.

Man, that’s a big honkin’ wing.

Regarding the Secret Code, the text reads, “Broke the code”. Ummm...okay. I guess I need to see the rest of the series. Regardless, this car is cool. Pizza cutters on the front would make it a little better...but I love it as it is.



I got home from my work function...and found a box waiting. The contents?






Imagine lots of typed screaming here.


...the Johnny Lightning Vanishing Point 1970 Dodge Challenger! First off...I didn’t even know this existed. Holy crap, this thing is cool. The hood doesn’t open quite all the way, but it does open enough to see that 440.

Second, the Greenlight GL Muscle 1973 Ford XB Falcon. I did buy this one a little while ago, but I never opened it. Not this time! Lookit this thing! This is a great model that really shows off the details well, thanks to the bright white paint. These details really needed to be shown off too...


Third...HOLY CATS! It’s the Last Of The V8s Interceptor! I never thought I’d get one of these.


While 100% awesome...the black hides some body details that are much better seen with the white paint. Still...I’m a huge Mad Max fan, and this is just the best! To whoever my Secret Super might be, thanks so very much! Stand forward, and be recognized!

Oh, what a day. What a lovely day!

Thanks for checking in. Stop by tomorrow for more.

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