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Advent 2017, Day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of the Advent Calendar.

For today, we have...


...the 2001 Series 1970 Roadrunner!

I wonder what engine might possibly be found in this machine...where might I find a clue?

Advertisement idea at all...

The summer of 1992, I was 17. I bought my first car from one of my dad’s friends/clients. The fellow was an imported car mechanic, and he and his partner had a dealership in the next town over. I kept finding cars in the classifieds, or for sale around town. My dad said, “No, Jack’s got the car for’s gonna be great.”


We went to Jack’s (not the business name, just the guy’s name)...and my chariot awaited...a rusty 1981 Honda Accord coupe. The ‘Honda’ name badge fell off the hatch as my dad picked at it, due to the paint bubbling which chose that precise moment to let go.

I was splitting the cost of the car, all $1600 of it, with my parents. Dad took me back into the garage to hand over my share of the cash, and what’s sitting in the garage but a ‘70 Roadrunner with a Commando 440. It was rough, but still a runner.


I tried, but my reasoning fell on deaf ears. I don’t blame my dad 17 year old should have a 440 Roadrunner. Jack just said, “I told you not to bring him back here” with a big smile on his face. I mean...I know that car wasn’t in my price range anyway. But still...

Thanks for checking in! Stop by tomorrow for more.

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