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Advent 2017, Day 8

Welcome back to Day 8!

For today, we have...


...the 1997 series Chevy Stocker!

This model initially threw me for a loop. I’m not even remotely a NASCAR fan.


But as I started investigating the cast, I started learning some things. This particular casting is the first retooling of the original Chevy Stocker. For this tooling, the fenders were flared. The base is still the same as the original.

The metal body on metal base gives serious weight to this casting. The tampos are of outstanding quality. I also love that this car is a model of the ‘86 or ‘87 Chevy Monte Carlo Aerocoupe (I couldn’t tell which year, but I know it’s one of them). When I initially saw this cast, I found it sort of uninteresting...but the more I learn about it and the more I look at it...I can’t help it. I love this car!


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