Welcome to Day 9, Early edition! Today is Christmas cookie making day, so I’ll probably be busy all day and likely too tired to complete my post tonight. Let’s get to it!

For day 9, we have...

...the 1997 series London Taxi!


Featuring opening doors!


Modeled after the Austin FX4, the vehicle manufactured from 1958 through 1968 by BMC, 1968-1982 by British Leyland, and 1982 through 1997 by Carbodies/LTI, and eventually succeeded by the LTI TX1. They most commonly had 4-cyl diesel engines (gas was available on the Hire Car models) and could turn inside a 25 foot radius.

This is a fun model I never expected to see. Can’t say I approve of the Americanized yellow livery...I do think it would’ve looked nicer in the standard black livery, but how interesting would the American customer have found that? Who knows. Certainly is a nice casting though.


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