Sorry for my lack of updates! Let’s get to it!

For day 15, we have...

...the 2003 First Editions 8 Crate!

I felt kinda bad when I said, “I think I have this one already.”


...but I mean, come on! Who doesn’t love a mid-engined hot-rod station wagon? I don’t care how many 8 Crates I already have...another one is always good.

For day 16, we have...


...the 1997 series Ford Mustang Cobra!

Another former Corgi casting. I immediately thought this might be a Corgi, thinking back to IDM3's comment on my London Taxi from day 9, but I had to look it up to be sure. This is extraordinarily light, for a Hot Wheels car (due to the plastic base).


Dig that opening hatch! I think that makes up for the light weight.


For day 17, we have...

...the 2001 series Anglia Panel!


I found one of these in a local grocery store chain, just a couple of years ago. This store tends to have lots of old castings...I don’t know if they have some crazy source or maybe they’re just a dumping ground for scalpers who can’t clear their own inventory.

Wheelie bars and a ‘chute! That’s a big honkin’ engine under the hood...pretty slick little dragster!


Thanks for checking in! Stop by tomorrow for more.

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