Sorry again for the missed day. Back to it!

For Day 19, we have...

...well...if it isn’t a ‘35 Classic Caddy! I was just talking about one of your brethren the other day.

Actually, it’s the 2001 series ‘35 Cadillac. I like the name that was used first a little better.


Wire wheels look nice here...but you know what it really needs? That’s right...MOAR WHITEWALLS!

I think this would’ve looked nice just with the gold paint. I don’t know that the white panels were necessary. I mean, they go with the interior nicely...but this could’ve been a little nicer. As Philipilihp once said, they can’t all be 10s.


For day 20, we have...


...the 2001 series 911 GT3 Cup!

While the 996 series isn’t necessarily my favorite 911, I really like this version.


Dat orange paint doe...

Also, call me crazy, but I’ve always loved Borbet 3-spoke brushed aluminum wheels. These aren’t quite the same, but they’re close enough for me. I think they look great here.


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