Thanks for joining me for Day 2. Today we have...

...the 2011 Street Beasts series ‘68 Nova!


I love the tampos on this cast, from the ‘350' on the hood to the ‘SS’ on the fender stripe.


I worked with a kid at a high school job who drove a Nova that was about this vintage. He claimed it was the fastest car in town. I was a town of less than it’s a possibility. It made the right sounds, anyway. Always thought that was a sweet car.

Yesterday, we were out doing some Christmas shopping, and happened to be in a Target. I, of course, stopped to check the Hot Wheels aisle, and to my surprise found a full set of Circuit Legends. I already have a box I’d ordered, for fear of never seeing them (Camshaft Chris, if you’re reading this, the 5 extras I have of the Circuit Legends set are still yours!)...but here was the full set. What the heck...let’s have a look.


Hey look...a 787B! But wait....


Look at that....ENHANCE!



Of course I had to pick up a spare.

Thanks for checking in! Stop by tomorrow for more!

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