December 3rd...Welcome to day 3 of the Advent Calendar! Today, we have...

...the ‘64 Chevy Nova Station Wagon!


This one came from the 2017 Surf’s Up 5-pack. It’s kind of a cool little casting. I’ve got a number of these wagons, so this one can get set right along side them. I believe there’s a couple of other casts from this pack that I’m looking forward to...I think at least one other will show up in the next couple of weeks. They’re not all 10' I thought I’d throw in this other recent find.


This is the Greenlight Hobby Shop series ‘75 Volkswagen Type 2, with a beat-up look, surfboards (they’re not secured, so I’ll have to be careful not to lose them) and Fuchs. And now that I look at that picture again, I see that I should’ve taken a little bit better look at that front driver’s side tire and maybe helped it fit the wheel a little more. Hmm. Well, this is another of the finds that occurred while out shopping for the holidays this past weekend. The creator of this Advent Calendar bought it for me...then admitted that it was in fact, just a little bit, for her, too. I’m sure no one would blame me for being just fine with that.

Thanks for checking in. Stop by tomorrow for more!

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