Welcome back! Today was a long day of helping with Christmas cookies. Finally got around to opening today’s package about 15 before writing this.

For day 8, we have...

...the 2011 Street Beasts series ‘69 Camaro!

Hope Kinja doesn’t rotate that image. I love the ‘Z/28' and ‘Camaro’ logos on the fender. It’s a little harder to see the ‘302' on the hood.


That burgundy metal flake paint is outstanding. I...may...have commented that this calendar has been fairly heavy on the muscle cars. The creator of the calendar commented that there are others in the future.

Now to the HAWL...after making cookies all day, neither of us were in the mood to make dinner, so we slid out to a restaurant. After dinner, we stopped at Target, and of course we hit the toy section. What follows is likely one of the best hunting experiences I’ve ever had.


She started pulling cars out of a freshly placed display and setting them on top. She pulled a green R34, and I took a look and commented that it was the model of which the Super Treasure Hunt was based on. “Okay.” She continued digging.


She pulled one out and set it down...I kept thinking “those are rubber tires...” and then found the TH logo on the hood. Hot Diggity!


I kissed her on the cheek, and she smiled...then kept digging. I found a few others I didn’t have yet...and then she slapped another on top of the display.

I’ve personally located 3 Super Treasure Hunts on my own. She’s one short of that total in 5 minutes.

We continued on to the pegs...wasn’t much there. I’d already found what was there from other stores. We rounded another corner and found a newish shipper full of C-Case!


The new Red Editions! That black GTI nearly threw me.


The new CR-X and the Guaczilla R35! I ended up leaving with 26 cards. I’ve bought more in one sitting...but it wasn’t as hot a hawl as this one. It was a great night.

Thanks for checking in. Stop by tomorrow for more!

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