Playing some cool stuff to cover.

For day 10, we have...

...the 2008 Classics series Baja Beetle!

This cast features a beautiful Spectraflame Pink paint job...


...and some nice detail on the engine...even if it is just a hunk of molded ZAMAC. Some different wheels would to this cast a real favor.

For Day 11, we have...


...the 2011 Muscle Mania series ‘70 Chevelle SS!

I can see the 454 logos pretty well...not sure whether it’s an LS5 or LS6. I know I’d recognize those dual headlights on the newer body style as a ‘70 any day.


I don’t think the green metal flake would’ve been OEM, but it does look nice here.


For Day 12, we have...

...the 2011 Street Beasts series ‘67 Pontiac Firebird 400!


This green flake paint is awesome. I love the shade, and the tampos are fairly tasteful.

This is a recolor of the same model from Day 6. These both look awful nice. In fact...


...they look pretty good together!

Thanks for checking in. Stop by tomorrow for more!

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