I’m doing a poor job keeping up. This update is on-location, as we’re away for the weekend and I brought packages along to open. Without further ado...

For Day 13, we have...

...the 2006 series VW Beetle!

I like the flame job on the side, and I think the Y5 wheels look good here.


I believe that oval, but not split, rear window pins this model somewhere between 1953 and 1959. I can’t see any other details which would further narrow it down, but I’m sure someone knows.

For Day 14, we have...


...the 2011 New Models series ‘68 COPO Camaro!

I was shocked to learn that, in 7 years, there have already been 43 variants of this cast.


This was the first of the line, apparently. Resplendent in orange with black stripes...but I find it weird that there’s no windshield or back window. Hmm. Error, perhaps? VHTF!


For day 15, we have...

...the 2008 Team Volkswagen New Beetle Cup!


I’m glad to see this one. I don’t think I knew there was a New Beetle Cup cast from Hot Wheels, and I love collecting race cars of all types.

Dig that roll cage. This one’s ready for action. I like those 10SP wheels too.

Thanks for checking in. Stop by tomorrow for more!

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