Sorry for the missed day. It happens sometimes in the Advent Calendar. I always catch up though.

For day 5, we have...

...the 2011 Muscle Mania series ‘69 Ford Torino Talladega!

The tampos on this one are really nice. The black hood corresponds to some of the factory paint jobs I’ve seen. The ‘FORD’ across the hood is really well done.


Staggered MC5 wheels...well...there’s cooler ways to do this. Honestly, I bet this thing would look awesome with some MBX hubcap wheels. Maybe that’s something I can try this winter.


For day 6, we have...

...the 2011 Street Beasts series ‘67 Pontiac Firebird 400!


Look at the adorable little hood tach! Again, the tampos here are very nice. Shockingly tasteful for Hot Wheels.

Again with the MC5 wheels. I mean...they’re not bad. It’s just that as nice a job as they’ve done with the tampos and the white (well...kinda white) interior...  Oh well.  These are both great cars.  


Thanks for checking in! Stop by tomorrow for more.

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