As I fall further into the rabbit hole of diecast customizing, steady warm weather is still right around the corner. I’m Pine-Soling every car I can get my grubby paws on.

This one turned out to be an unexpected surprise! This Racing Champions ‘49 Ford had a HEAVY dose of Malibu blue paint on it with hideous decals and wheels that should be locked away in the dark recesses of hell. But, after I stripped away all the paint there was an amazing gem underneath!

This cast has so many terrific details that were hidden by the heavy factory paintjob. Before, you could not see the doorhandles, trimlines, hinges on the trunk, or even the wiper blades. The original paint was seriously that thick.

Awesome detail in the cast around the headlights.


Needs a little sanding to get rid of the casting lines. Nice license plate frame.


Wiper blades! Whoever created the die for this cast really did a great job. I’m sad that it was used for such an ugly Racing Champions cast. I’m going to give this a proper paintjob and some nice classic wheels to suit. Super excited about working on this one.