Big things with little cars

After a Long Draught, Gold

That is one open-minded hauler.


I don’t know why it was necessary for me to have this, aside from a serious science fiction addiction. Too bad our space warriors are a shambles. Oh, wait...

I finally found the space-shot Tesla. Hooray for my wall. Other sweetness new to my neck of the woods:


Perfect 993, even if it is missing those weird gills under the front lip.


I love that hw included the little door windows. Even if the car is objectively ugly, hail senna.


Finally, even though it's old news at this point, I found this guy amidst a maelstrom of econoline pickups. My mom's first car was a datsun (210, though), and I know datsun's are 'hep' right now, but it remains awesome. If only it were brown, diesel, and 1:1. 

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