You may remember when I bought two cars I liked, plus the ugly little Fiat?

Well, here’s why. The Fiat is my new trainer car for customs. Because, while I got into this again to blow off some steam in a new/old hobby, my old pal chronic anxiety decided to join me.

I then realized that Hot Wheels are two dollars, and that a car I didn’t give a fig about would more than pay for itself in practice painting.

I played it fast and loose, made a few dumb mistakes, and didn’t care about any of it. I had FUN. And I learned a lot.

I tried silvering the door edges, doing ultra-thin body lines, backing red paint with silver, filling in the headlights then squiggling in them for character lines, all with interesting albeit mixed results.


The light in here sucks, but it actually looks a little better than the photos show.

Of course, I’m not keeping it this way. It’s also going to be the first car I drill out, strip, etc.


Mi dispiace molto, amico mio. But it’s your job.