I’m usually a stickler for figuring out things on my own, but I only have a finite supply of this stuff, and I’m not sure where to get more.

I got this stuff from a body shop that did body work to my Passat after a woman backed into the side of it while I was driving past her (never even looked behind her.)

It’s from Cromax, but I couldn’t find this listed on their website, and I used half of the bottle touching up a bunch of very minor things all over the car.

But with my airbrush, I figured I’d be able to use this on a model coming in because I’d love for it to match my car.


I really don’t want to ruin the model or my airbrush figuring it out, so I’m hoping I could get some advice. Especially because the car I want to use it on is currently in the mail...

I’m not sure if it’s laquer or enamel based- and it’s not listed anywhere on it. And that’s jsut the start of my problems.


What consistency should I be looking for? That kinda stuff.

I don’t know how much I’ll need, so I hate to not have enough- and I’d hate to screw up my finish as well. Especially since I don’t know how to strip paint from plastic models (this is my first non-hotwheels project).


Literally any expirence is welcome, such as techniques and general upkeep tips etc etc.