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Alfa Romonday - Those Wheels Tho

I got some new wheels in the mail Friday and of course I needed to put them to good use right away!


I call this car more of a design study, as the paint and detailing didn’t really turn out as I had hoped at all, but those Campagnolos sure look good at least! I’ll have to strip the body and make it live up to the look of the wheels.

They are 3d printed to a crazy detail I didn’t think possible, but I love it! I also got two sets of sweet open Fuchs-style 52Outlaw wheels, so soon a Porsche or two will have some nice new shoes as well.

If you’re interested in some of these wheels, check out Dude’s got an insane number of styles, and even added some wide-five Porsche 356 steelies to the store, so I know I’ll be back for more.


Also, the site lists turnaround time being about 2 weeks, but I ordered last Tuesday and had em on my front step on Friday, so not too shabby!

The tires, btw, are from a Hot Wheels car culture 964. I sacrificed a set of those gold minilites for this, but I think it’s worth it. The 52Outlaw wheels will need the low profile rubber like on the car culture 993 GT2.


Happy Monday!

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