Big things with little cars

Alien APC shipping soon

According to this site…

a diecast Alien APC starts shipping to retailers tomorrow. Who those retailers are, I have no idea.


(Edit- I was unaware April 26 is Alien Day )

(Note the Weyland-Yutani logo in the background)

I personally like collecting real-life cars - nothing fantasy. This - I will make an exception for especially as the movie vehicle was (according IMDB ) built off an aircraft tow tractor. Fun fact: they stripped 44 tons (ballast weights) for the final model.

The closest I have to that is from a Southwest airport playset I got for my son.

Weird triple cockpit
Only stamped ‘Made in China’ on the bottom

Googling, I can’t find the exact model this was based off. Nothing I saw has that triple cockpit design.


I just love the pure functionality of its form.

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