AlienProbe's Top Ten Purchases of 2017

2017 was a pretty awesome year. The Super Treasure Hunt gods were bizarrely nice to me this year. Also, since I (finally) finished college I was able to put more time into eBay selling which funds my diecast addiction. Here is my top 10 for 2017.

These are in order from awesome to omgomg teh awesomest. Some are from yard sales/junk shops/antique malls. Some are from eBay. One is a purchase made right here on LaLD and another is a retail score. All of these are cherished additions to my collection.

This Ford Mustang II Ghia is sort of a grail find for me. I never expected to find one of these amazing Tomicas at the bottom of a tub of toys at a yard sale. But, hey, there it was. One of the most exciting finds for me this summer. My wife was pretty baffled by how happy I was when I found this. Great treasure indeed.
By far, one of my most favorite Yatmings in my collection. I snagged this VW Scirroco on eBay for a reasonable price. I love the detail on this car and it really shows off how amazing the Yatming brand was for a while.
This JL Track Day Dodge Challenger was calling my name... and calling my name... and calling my name. Truth be told, I actually passed on this because it was part of a 5 pack at a junk dealer down the road from my house. My gut kept telling me that he was going to ask for too much money for the set. After passing over it several times I asked him how much and he surprised me by only asking for 5 bucks. This Dodge was the star of the show. The detail and color are fantastic. The BF Goodrich real riders are perfect.
Some of you may remember when I hit super treasure hunt GOLD early this summer and found an antique shop hiding a bunch of them in a tub for $2 ea. This Plymouth Fury is my most favorite score from that day. The white walled real riders just make this casting shine out like crazy. That day was probably the best diecast HAWL of my life. This sweet car will always remind me of that.
From Fintail’s sale of the century! I got my paws on the Matchbox SuperChargers Monster truck collection. While I love all of them. This Rollin’ Thunder van takes the cake. It’s super minty and brings back great memories of my childhood because I had one waaaay back when.
Coming in at #5. This NoRev Minijet Citroen Visa is a recent score from eBay. If there is any one car in my collection that SCREAMS how much I love little crappy basic unloved cars more than super high-tech ‘borghinis and Coin-and-eggs. This car sums it up. It’s just a diecast of just a car and that’s my favorite kind. <3 <3 <3
This Tomica Datsun Sunny Excellent 1400 GX became a must-have after I saw Fintail review one (I think it was fintail). Everything about this cast is just pure gold. The details, button wheels, paint, sweeping roof line. So much win. Somehow I scored one on eBay for less than the soul of my first born and possible appendages.
A random stop at the nearby Dollar General resulted in the discovery of a newly-placed HW shipper. At first I found the mainline version of this truck and I was blown away. I was knocked off my feet when I found the STH version on the same shipper. The purple paint and overall tampos just look fantastic. I am smitten by this truck. In my opinion this is Hotwheels best STH ever made.
This one was inevitable. Being that I volunteer at a cat-shelter. This little pink box of cuteness was destined for my collection. It languished on my ebay watch list for too long before i pulled the trigger. It’s also an Isuzu which puts this diecast on the upper tier of must-have in my collection. Tomica did a great job with this and I am super happy to finally have it.
Coming in at #1 for 2017 is this Penny Lancia Flavia Zagato Sport. It’s rare. It’s unusual. It was in a box of diecasts at a yard sale for a buck each. It’s made by a diecast brand that I hadn’t known about until I found it. All of those factors make this my favorite purchase (especially the $1 part... I am a cheap SOB). One of my most favorite things about diecast hunting is that it educates me on different cars that I have never heard of. This score really hit that note HARD. It will be tough to beat this #1 during my yard sale hunting in 2018.

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you all found/purchased your favorite cars this year too. Here’s to an excellent

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