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All glory to the Kimba (custom help)

Kimba the Diecast Lover’s half of our HWEP arrived today; the Elusive 2017 F1 GTR. Thanks Kimba, hope that M3 made it.

Now, I need some help. I’m gonna customize this. Nothing extensive, I just wanna get rid of (most of) the tampos and have a nice all-black F1 to go with the all-black P1 I’ll soon have. Problm is I’m no sure what to use to get rid of them. The most common answer I got was acetone, but I’ve also heard it can be a bit volatile and damage the paint. One other, stranger answer I got was eucalyptus oil. Apparently that’s safer and less hard on the paint, but I haven’t seen anything confirming such. Any experienced customizers have any imput? I’m gonna try some test runs on other models I’m not fond of since it’s clear I won’t get a second chance with the F1.


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